Suggested Documentation

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Suggested Documentation to be provided as a part of any
business/nonprofit application to the Warren-SBG Program

This document was generated to help assist interested businesses and nonprofits in their effort to successfully apply for the Warren-SBG program which provides funding to organizations negatively affected by COVID-19. The most basic requirements of this program are that you must be one of the following:

  • A small business with 100 or fewer employees
  • A Tourism Related Business with 500 or fewer employees
  • A Section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19) nonprofit
  • Have been financially affected by COVID-19 in a clearly demonstratable way.

There are other parameters to be aware of, all of which are outlined at We highly recommend you visit the program website and read through the documentation provide. The list of recommended documents below is an outline to provide you with the best opportunity at a successful application. If you are missing one or more of these documents, you should not consider yourself disqualified, but instead work with the Business Liaison Agency (the WCCBI) to gather as much appropriate documentation as possible. The bottom line is that an organization is able to clearly demonstrate a loss or expense. The list below is for your benefit to help you illustrate your situation.

List of Suggested Documents and Types of Data to Collect for Your Application

  • Tax returns for 2018 and 2019.   If 2019 return has not been completed or filed, an internal Profit and Loss statement for the calendar year and a Balance Sheet dated 12/31/2019 shall be provided.
  • Profit and Loss statement for period 3-1-19 through 7-31-19
  • Operating account Bank Statement for period 3-1-19 through 7-31-19
  • Profit and Loss statement for period 3-1-20 through 7-31-20
  • Operating account Bank Statement for period 3-1-20 through 7-31-20
  • Detail list of COVID-19 specific expenses for the period 3-1-20 through 7-31-20 and copies of receipts for all purchases made
  • Copy of Paycheck Protection Program, EIDL program or COVID-19 Statewide Assistance Program funding award or contract document verifying funding provided.


The pieces of data below are examples of the types of calculations you should do in anticipation of submitting your grant.

  • (a) Gross Revenues for period 3/1/19 – 7/31/19
  • (b) Gross Revenues for period 3/1/20- 7/31/20 
  • (c) Revenue loss experienced (a-b)  
  • (d) Total COVID-19 expenses for period 3/1/20 – 6/30/20  
  • (e) TOTAL LOSS   (c + d)  


  • (f) Paycheck Protection Plan
  • (g) EIDL
  • (h) COVID-19 Statewide Relief  
  • (i) Other Grants
  • (j) TOTAL OTHER RELIEF RECEIVED  (f + g + h + i)
  • (k) MAXIMUM ELIGIBLE AMOUNT  (e – j)   

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