Program Overview

Click the image above to download the Warren-SBG Program Summary. Requires a PDF reading software.

To operate the Warren-SBG program, the Grant Program Summary outlines a framework that is prescribed to provide an efficient method to both facilitate business and nonprofit applications and the needed oversight to prevent fraud, nepotism, bias and other forms of unethical behavior. This framework, which includes the Board of County Commissioners, County Governmental Office of Finance and Administration, the selection and hiring of consulting agencies performing the duties of Business Liaison and Financial Review, the Treasurer, the County Solicitor, and finally the County Auditing Agency, Zelenkofske Axelrod LLC, includes a variety of checks and balances and multiple layers of review in order to prevent errors and corrupt behavior. All agencies involved are expected to function with the highest ethical standards in mind including objectivity, transparency, and frugality.

The County will release RFPs for a Business Liaison Agency and Financial Review Agency (see attached) who, once hired based on qualifications and fees, will interact on the County’s behalf with business and nonprofit applicants to guide them through the application process, gather information, and make individual determinations on eligibility based on the criteria set out by the County. There will be three grant phases where interested organizations can submit their grant applications, one in August, one in September, and a final in November. The Business Liaison Agency will collect the applications and all financial data will be passed to the Financial Review Agency. Both agencies will review the applications and make reports with recommendations based on the criteria provided by the County.

Recommendations, once completed, and all financial data will be passed to the Commissioners Office for review and grant awards will be made at a special public Commissioners Board meeting to be advertised where public comment and input is welcomed. All data on grant awards and deliberations will be publicly available. Once awards are made, the Business Liaison Agency will coordinate with successful applicants and the CFO to make sure checks are issued and all follow-up paperwork, if needed, is completed and in good order.

The first grant round in August will be governed by the parameters outlined in this policy paper. The second and third rounds may have different parameters as the Commissioners may change the parameters to either loosen or tighten entry to the program. The grant rounds will continue until the $2 million allocated for grants is depleted.

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