Business Liaison Agency (BLA) and Financial Review Agencies (FRAs) Proposals Reviewed

On Monday, August 10, proposals from Kersey & Associates and Haines & Co. for Financial Review Agency (FRA) and WCCBI for Business Liaison Agency (BLA) were reviewed at the County Commissioners regularly scheduled work session. For the BLA, the WCCBI was the only proposal and as of Tuesday, August 11, they have accepted the role of BLA for the purposes of the Warren-SBG.

The County is still working with Kersey & Associates and Haines & Co. to get them under contract for the purposes of the FRAs outlined in Grants Summary document. The County is excited to work with both agencies as they are reputable firms with great credentials to perform the needed duties of the Warren-SBG program.

It is expected that contracts will be available for a vote on Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 at the Commissioners regularly scheduled public meeting.

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